Get everyone on the same page.

Bring your teams together in a place that makes it easy to keep people and work connected. To quickly get started with your new Streamframe account, understand and learn these few basic steps as you read along.

The current release of Streamframe 1.X is divided into a couple of areas:


[1] Header Toolbar 
Do a Quick Search of any objects, access Messages / create New Message, Notifications and System Settings. 

[2] Profile and Update Account  
Quick access to your user page and edit your 'Update Account' settings.  

[3] Left Sidebar 
Access My Workspace and navigate to different Spaces and Projects you have access within your Streamframe account. 

[4] Chat Sidebar 
Have a quick chat with your team members, group and access to project chats. 

[5] Company Site 
When you click on this area, you will see all the activities within company.

[6] Location Bar 

  • Understand the breadcrumb location within the system.
  • Choose what you want to Filter out in the main window. 
  • Navigate the different pages in Streamframe.  

[7] Main Window

This will the overview of your activities in Streamframe. 



[8] Collapse/Expand Sidebar 
If you wish to have a wider view of the Main Window, you can simply collapse the sidebar or return to the default view by expanding the sidebar.  



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