Account Settings

You can customize and utilize your account from the menu Settings. This can be found at the top right of the interface, from any page.

At the settings drop-down menu, the available options are grouped into a few areas: 


Color Scheme
Users can choose the color scheme he/she would like to use. The options available are only in dark and light.  


The discover option shows a full view of the user’s company Streamframe structure, which includes all spaces, projects and deliverables. It is similar to a bird’s eye view of the structure for the user. 


System Administration
Allows users with admin permissions to manage and control their Streamframe account. 


Expose all Spaces/Projects
Admin users can view all created Spaces and Projects that have been made private. 


My Account
This refers to where the user stores their credentials and allows users to use the same identification data to obtain access to the networks of all business in the group. 


Onboarding Tutorial
Still not sure your way around in Streamframe? This will briefly show you the basics of the Streamframe view. 


What's New
See the latest version update of your Streamframe.


Direct Link to our Support page. 


Term of Use
Direct link to Streamframe Terms & Conditions page.  


Privacy Policy 
Direct link to Streamframe Privacy Policy information page.  


When access is no longer needed, users can logout from Streamframe.

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